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Ok, so I’m only two months late posting about Emmie’s 1st birthday and a ton of other things (*blush*) but here goes… I am not a party person…I hate dealing with all the minute details, trying to come up with a theme, figuring out a place to host the party so I don’t have five to ten […]

Emmie Grace


My sweet baby is 8 months old. So far, my favorite age range has been 6-12 months with both my girls.  Emmie is still a soft, cuddly baby but she sleeps through the night (for the most part), responds, interacts and is nearly always happy.  It’s so interesting to watch Emmie’s personality develop.  This child […]

Pumpkin Patch


I took Bri and Emmie to the pumpkin patch this morning.  It was a first for all three of us and we had a good time.  It would have been more fun if it hadn’t been so hot.  It felt like a crisp fall morning when I was dressing everyone and by the time we […]

My Girls


My girls are getting so big!  Brianna will be two next month and Emmie is six months!!! Crazy how fast time flies by.   Bri’s personality develops more and more every day. She says “otay day” which means “okey dokey.”  She says “uh-oh” ALL THE TIME. Whenever she does something she is proud of or […]

Our Girls


The photo on the left is the first picture of the girls together. Bri is one and a half and I think Emmie just turned three months old. I was so thrilled when I took it because they were both smiling and looked so adorable and happy. Then I looked at it printed up and […]