Emmie’s 1st Birthday!!!


Ok, so I’m only two months late posting about Emmie’s 1st birthday and a ton of other things (*blush*) but here goes…

I am not a party person…I hate dealing with all the minute details, trying to come up with a theme, figuring out a place to host the party so I don’t have five to ten children (plus adults) all squeezed into our little house, decorating, etc.  I took the easy route and threw a teeny tiny party with family only, no theme, bought cupcakes for the kids and baked a cake for the adults.  It wasn’t much, but like everyone keeps telling me, “She’ll never remember it anyway!”

My detailed and fabulously intricate tablescape  (*cough*)

Emmie and Papa – This child loves her Papa!

This little lady has some serious personality! She totally posed for me!

Bri was not in the mood for posed pictures, obviously.  She is ticked off in our family photo (below) because her nose was out of joint from having been forced to sit next to Emmie (above).  She has an odd phobia of being next to Emmie, which I’m hoping she outgrows.

Bri and Aunt Jen playing outside!

Bri and Emmie with Nana and Papa

Now I need to tackle Bri’s 3rd birthday in November.  I guess I better start thinking about that one now since she might actually remember it!!

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