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My Mom visited us during the week of Thanksgiving and we had a great time! We ate out and shopped and wrapped up the visit with a delicious feast on Thanksgiving day. We’re definitely enjoying the leftovers 😉 Mom and Bri Bri is happy with her lemon wedge! Beautiful baby girl! Nick feeling a little […]

We got Bri a little birthday cake to tear into for her 1st birthday. She wasn’t quite sure what to think about the cake at first, but she figured it out pretty quickly 🙂 I’ve never really let her make such a huge mess with her food so she was jazzed to get to touch […]

We took Bri to Baker Park this weekend and had a blast! The weather was absolutely perfect and we wanted to get out and enjoy it. This was the first time Bri had been in a baby swing and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I think she had the most fun with the gravel on the […]

Our baby girl is one year old today!! All parents say their children grow up in the blink of an eye. My Dad has advised me to enjoy each season in my child’s life because the different seasons end so quickly. I have to admit, I doubted that advise during the first few months of […]

It’s a GIRL!


Yay, we’re having another girl!! It may be horrible to admit this, but my first thought was “Cool, now we can reuse all our baby girl stuff and we don’t have to buy anything new!” Praise the Lord, everything is looking good with this little girl and we can’t wait to meet her. We haven’t […]

Boy or Girl?


We find out tomorrow if Baby # 2 is a boy or a girl! Nick and I both have a feeling it’s a boy but we’ll find out for sure in less than 24 hours. Part of me still can’t believe we’re having another baby. It’s even more strange to know this child will be […]