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I learned a great lesson two weeks ago. I had a really hard week because, in the midst of sleep deprivation and adjusting to caring for two small children simultaneously, Nick caught strep throat. Emmersen was five weeks old and not sleeping well at night. Four hours of sleep was considered a good night. And […]

Emmersen was born April 2, 2010 at 10:48 am. She weighed 8 pounds even and was 21 inches long. She is a perfect, sweet little doll baby and Nick and I love her to pieces! Brianna wasn’t sure what to think of her and got a bit jealous, actually. You could tell she was thinking, […]

My friend, Hope, put together a lovely baby sprinkle for me and Emmersen at the end of March. (I realize I’m a little late blogging about this, but better late than never!) Susan, Hope’s mom, made an amazing brunch and Hope outdid herself on the decorations. They both put so much effort into the event […]