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I’ve decided to start posting recipes that fit in with my Candida diet.  Most people have never heard of a Candida, so here is a definition in a nutshell.  Anyway, when I first realized I had Candida, it required a complete change in the way I ate. No more starches , processed foods, no sugar in […]

Our Christmas was a busy one! We celebrated Christmas Eve with hubby’s family and had a wonderful time.  Bri is at the age where she has fully grasped the meaning and excitement of “presents.” It was so fun to watch her tear into gift bags, rip wrapping paper and exclaim, “Ohhhh!!” when the present was […]

Emmie Grace


My sweet baby is 8 months old. So far, my favorite age range has been 6-12 months with both my girls.  Emmie is still a soft, cuddly baby but she sleeps through the night (for the most part), responds, interacts and is nearly always happy.  It’s so interesting to watch Emmie’s personality develop.  This child […]

Bri loves her baths, or “bas,” as she calls them.  She can’t strip down fast enough when it’s time to get into the tub.  She has a blast with the bubbles, the cups and the bath toys.  The only drawback is getting her hair washed.  Something about water in her hair triggers wailing and uncontrollable […]