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Say What?


Bri’s vocabulary has been rapidly expanding in the past month or so.  The only time she is ever quiet is when she sleeps or when she’s watching a movie.  Her favorite movie right now is Beauty and the Beast, or Booty Beese as she calls it. Here are some other cute pronunciations she has developed […]

January Snow!


As usual, we got our first snow after Christmas this year.  Bumma (bummer), as my daughter would say! It made our yard and deck look gorgeous, which is saying something, considering how much work our deck needs 🙂 I snapped a few pics to share.

Pancakes + butter + warm maple syrup =heaven!  I adore carbs.  Upon beginning my Candida diet, I mourned the loss of fluffy pancakes drenched in butter and saturated in real maple syrup.  Not only did I miss the taste, I missed the satisfying, filling feeling that came over me after having consumed said pancakes.  I […]

I don’t know about you, but I hate spending money on diapers.  I learned the following trick from Money Saving Mom and it has definitely taken the sting out of purchasing diapers! Go to Amazon and search for the brand and size diaper you want.  I buy Luvs because they are the cheapest ($35.00).  Click […]