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Sweet Bri


Bri did the cutest thing the other day when I laid her down to swaddle her for a nap. She’s started pulling her pacifier out of her mouth for fun and she did it while I was trying to swaddle her. She stuck her paci stright up in the air and was laying there staring […]

Miss California


Okay, I just finished watching an interview between Miss California and Matt Lauer on the Today show and I have to say I am SO IMPRESSED with that young lady. It is rare these days to see people standing up for Biblical beliefs and conservative values but Miss California did. She is the epitome of […]

I was at my weekly Bible study this past Wednesday and our pastor had a great suggestion. He was addressing older women and mothers of young moms and told them that sometimes what young moms really need is a blessing. He said, “Sometimes they need your blessing more than they need your advice. Sometimes they […]

My Family


Happy Easter!


Bri’s Easter pictures were taken at Garvin Gardens. Carmen had the idea to put her in the Easter basket, which was brilliant! The pics came out so good!! Thank you, Carmen! Photography by Carmen Ramey

Eewwwww I don’t like this!! No more, Momma!

I figured out how to make my blog pretty!! Yay, I’m so excited!! For those of you who want your blog to look pretty, here is the website that gives you the HTML code to do the neat backgrounds: Of course, this may be common knowledge to most everyone else.