Emmie Grace


My sweet baby is 8 months old. So far, my favorite age range has been 6-12 months with both my girls.  Emmie is still a soft, cuddly baby but she sleeps through the night (for the most part), responds, interacts and is nearly always happy. 

It’s so interesting to watch Emmie’s personality develop.  This child loves being around people and is definitely not reserved.  She watches everything Bri does with intense curiosity.  I don’t think she’ll grow up to be a person who does anything halfway.  Her enthusiasm for learning to roll over, crawl and pull up is adorable and kind of surprising.  Maybe that much zeal is normal, but it’s new to me, since Bri is so cautious about trying anything new or different. 

This is Emmie’s first Christmas and she has not mauled the tree as I feared she would.  Obviously, she’s touched it and I think she’s pulled an ornament off once or twice, but overall, she’s done well. 

Baths are a big hit with this little girl, just like they are with her big sister.  She loves to splash, chew on the toys and try to eat the bubbles, as you can seein the pictures below 🙂

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  1. 1 Hope

    So precious!

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