My Girls


My girls are getting so big!  Brianna will be two next month and Emmie is six months!!! Crazy how fast time flies by.

Brianna - September 2010


Bri’s personality develops more and more every day. She says “otay day” which means “okey dokey.”  She says “uh-oh” ALL THE TIME. Whenever she does something she is proud of or excited about, she claps her hands and yells, “YAAYY!” She can point to and identify most parts of her body.  She loves to help me unload the dishwasher and is fascinated with closing doors, cabinets, etc. She’s more and more interested in Emmie and does try to help me with caring for her.  It’s so sweet.  Nick and I were commenting the other night that our “baby” has turned into a little girl all of a sudden.  She is so precious and makes me smile every day.  My first little love 🙂

Emmersen Grace - September 2010

 Emmie amazes me each day as she grows.  I swear, the child has no separation anxiety whatsoever.  She loves people and lots of activity.  She’ll probably be crawling in the next few weeks and is fascinated with the world around her.  She loves holding onto her chubby little feet and sucking on them!  When I bend over her crib to pick her up, she flails her legs and arms and squeals. I love her so much.

Me and my girls

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