Grrrr…Does Anyone Else Hate Candida??


So it’s been a rough couple of days at my house and I need to vent.  You don’t mind, right? Ok, good. Earlier in the week, I ran out of my Yeast Away probiotic and my Nystatin, both at the same time.  (I take these religiously every day because they keep my symptoms in check).  Duh.  Anyway, I didn’t replenish my stash for about three days and during those three days, I cheated on my diet about four times.  Not big cheats, mind you, but small stuff, like eating a banana, eating two small cookies, eating some trail mix with raisins in it, etc.  So, I finally took my Nystatin at the end of my three day hiatius and DANG…the die off reaction was horrendous.  I had pain in my lungs, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, major fatigue, headache and coughing.  It scared me.  I’ve noticed for awhile now that my symptoms seem to be getting worse and yesterday confirmed it. 

I talked to my husband and we decided I need to seek treatment from a doctor who practices alternative medicine in Arkansas.  I found out about her nearly a year ago but have been hesitant to see her. Why, you ask?  Only for the simple reason that she does not take insurance, charges a mere $1,000 for an initial visit and a measly $500 for each following visit.  Yes, you read that right. 

Anyway, today I’m faxing her office my New Patient Application AND a $100 processing fee. Apparently she has to accept you as a patient before you can make an appointment.  (As though being willing to pay an arm and a leg wasn’t enough to get me an appointment!!).  Do I sound bitter?

So, if any of you live in Central Arkansas, have Candida, need help and want to pay an arm and a leg for that help, look up Dr. Betsy Hendricks at the Arkansas Center for the Study of Integrative Medicine.  And tell her I sent you…maybe she’ll give me a discount 🙂

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