I’ve been feeling burned out with this whole mothering thing.  It has gotten monotonous, tedious and downright depressing.  Perhaps the fact that we’re not going on vacation this summer has something to do with it, or the tremendous void left from being on summer break from my Moms ‘n More (BLOOM) Bible study…whatever the reasons, I’ve been down.

In an effort to mix things up and get out of my funk, I took my munchkins to visit their great-grandmother last week.  The visit was fairly uneventful but we all enjoyed it.  I got my girls home and started my usual plethora of chores, feeling somewhat better but not great and inspired.  About two hours later, the girls’ great-grandmother called and told me she was so happy we had come to visit because that day was her son’s birthday…he passed away about seven years ago.  She cried while she told me she went to visit the cemetary after we left. She was grieving badly. I could hear the hurt and sadness in her voice. She was thankful we had taken her mind off her grief for a bit.

After we hung up, I sat and thanked the Lord that the monotony of my life has not been disrupted by the untimely death of one of my children. That phone call gave me the perspective I needed to get out of my funk.  My family is a blessing from God.  Sometimes it’s hard but I want to enjoy them now while I have them.  I don’t want to waste the days God has given me with them because I don’t know how many days I’ll have.

I pulled out my camera and snapped of few pics of my girls as they sat enthralled by Beauty and the Beast.  And maybe I’m biased, but they are two of the most precious faces on this planet!!

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