My Anthropologie Pretty


Anthropologie is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!! I recently discovered it and am hooked. I now fully understand why  women work so hard to recreate Anthropologie products.  The items are incredibly unique, fun and quirky, in addition to being  incredibly expensive.  I was browsing the other day dreaming and getting ideas.  I fully expected to walk out empty handed, since my month’s worth of blow money wouldn’t even cover a sale item.  I was determined not to be depressed by this annoying fact and started rummaging through the sale bins just for fun.  As I did, a lovely pile of fabric caught my eye. The pile turn out to be a stack of aprons!!  Aaahhh!! AND, they were on sale! Double aaahhhh!!  I rifled through every single apron in the pile and found my favorite.

Isn’t she pretty?  The yellow trim and button are so cheery.  

 So my little apron is pretty, functional and an Anthro original, but those aren’t her best qualities. Want to know the best part about her?? You do? Good!! It was her price tag…originally $28.00, marked down to $7.50!!! I walked out of Anthropolgie having parted with a whopping $8.55. It made my day 🙂

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