Big Girls!


I have missed my blog. We’ve been busy lately and when you’re running around after a 2-year-old and 10-month-old, updating the blog usually takes a backseat to cooking dinner. But, so much is happening that I just have to write it down here. (This blog has turned into a makeshift scrapbook until I can find a time to actually sit and scrapbook).  Also, please note the photo quality in this entry is not stellar…most of the cute things the girls do are done and over by the time I run to get my good camera. 🙂

Our little Emmie is turning into a big girl overnight, it seems. The biggest change has come in the area of food.  A couple of weeks ago, meal time turned into a battle.  The child refused to eat the baby food I wanted to lovingly spoon into her mouth.  She would cry and scream the minute I set her in her high chair.  As I approached her mouth with the spoon, she would clamp her lips shut, squeeze her eyes closed and arch her back. I was baffled.  Bri never did anything like this!! So after a few days of these shenanigans, I did a little reading and discovered she was ready to feed herself.  After her first meal of being able to feed herself with finger foods, meal time has become incredibly pleasant.  However, she is still extremely particular about what she allows me to feed her.  When I offer a piece of food, she draws her head back, narrows her eyes and carefully inspects the morsel to determine whether or not she wants it.  If said food particle passes inspection, she opens her mouth just enough to touch it with her tongue. Then, if it tastes okay, the food is allowed into her mouth.  It’s quite a lengthy process, but at least she’s eating. So far she likes bananas, buckwheat pancakes, scrambled eggs and baked ziti (made with rice pasta). That last menu selection threw us for a loop last night.  I put it on her tray just to see what she would do with it and the stinker gobbled it up.  She was literally shoving it into her mouth after the initial “inspection.”

Bri has turned into Momma’s helper.  My sister was over for a visit and in the midst of talking, we lost track of Bri.  There was also no noise to help us locate her…never good.  I opened the door to the bathroom and found her with the toilet scrubber in one hand and the bottle of Ajax tipped over on the floor.  Sweet thing was cleaning the toilet all by herself with the proper cleaning instrument.  I was genuinely impressed, praised her up one side and down the other, and then helped her clean the toilet. Jen got a cute pic of the moment.

Drawing has also begun to fascinate Bri. She likes to spell out her name as she’s trying to draw. It’s the cutest thing to hear her saying, “B-R-I…Beenanna!”  We still haven’t mastered the concept that we only draw on paper but we’re working on it.  This ink took two days and two baths to come off.


One Response to “Big Girls!”

  1. 1 Stephanie Edwards

    Oh my goodness they are big girls!!! How sweet…they are so precious!

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