Say What?


Bri’s vocabulary has been rapidly expanding in the past month or so.  The only time she is ever quiet is when she sleeps or when she’s watching a movie.  Her favorite movie right now is Beauty and the Beast, or Booty Beese as she calls it. Here are some other cute pronunciations she has developed lately. 

  • Brianna – Beenanna
  • Cracker – tata
  • Yellow – yeyow
  • Blue – bu
  • Bummer – bumma
  • Huckle – huttle
  • Diaper – diapo
  • Yucky – yuty
  • Outside – outsize
  • PJs – padas


2 Responses to “Say What?”

  1. I absolutely love the top picture!

  2. Thanks, girl!! We received the zoom lense as a Christmas gift and I feel like I take better pictures with it. I loved the top picture, too, but wasn’t sure if I was just biased. I feel so validated knowing it meets your professional artistic standards 😉

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