A Kerr Christmas


Our Christmas was a busy one! We celebrated Christmas Eve with hubby’s family and had a wonderful time.  Bri is at the age where she has fully grasped the meaning and excitement of “presents.” It was so fun to watch her tear into gift bags, rip wrapping paper and exclaim, “Ohhhh!!” when the present was finally revealed. 

Emmie had no clue what was going on, of course.  She did thoroughly enjoy being around all the family, especially Nana and Papa’s dog, Ralph. Ralph is massive golden retriever with the sweetest temperament you could ask for.  He let Emmie hold onto his ears and get right in his face, which sent her into fits of laughter. 

Emmie and Great-Grandmama Kerr

We also spent quite of bit of time baking.  Bri started baking sugar cookies with Grandma, but rapidly lost interest.  She may do better next year when she has more of an attention span. 

Six hours in the kitchen on Christmas Eve day produced these four gorgeous pies!  I was, and still am, so proud of how they turned out.  They tasted good, too, which was a real plus after all that time I spent on them!

Bri also gave us our first Christmas gift this year.  She went to the bathroom on her potty for the first time!! Best Christmas gift we could have asked for.  I guess this means potty training is looming on the horizon of our New Year!

Emmie also had a milestone on Christmas Morning.  She pulled up for the first time on her own and I got a picture of it!! My babies are growing up so fast!

2 Responses to “A Kerr Christmas”

  1. 1 Hope

    Super exciting! What a special time of year for you guys!

  2. It’s neat to watch the girls become more aware of what is going on each year. I’d love to see some of your pics from this past year. Maybe I can read a blog entry from you soon? 🙂

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