Precious, Priceless…Rare

I came across this poem today and it was a needed reminder of the importance of my role as a mother. It’s so easy to get caught up in the endless cycle of chores, cooking, pinching pennies and changing diapers that I often forget the big picture of why I’m home with my precious daughter. It’s not to maintain a perfect, spotless home (although that would be nice) but to nurture my child, teach her and raise her to be a godly woman who loves the Lord. That’s why I’m home and it’s more important and lasting than any amount of money I could be making at a job. My mommy job is “priceless, precious…rare.” I hope this poem encourages you as it did me.

The Little Child I’m Building
By Valerie Martin Bailey

Great rulers build vast kingdoms, but
Those kingdoms rise and fall.
Famed engineers build bridges, and
Skyscrapers, soaring tall.
The celebrated of this world
Build reputations, grand,
While financiers build bank accounts
And power to command.
Egyptians built the pyramids
That stand until this day;
But even these amazing works
Will crumble in decay.
Day-dreamers build on fantasy
And hope their dreams come true.
The prejudiced build walls of hate –
Select who passes through.

But I’m building one small child,
Whose worth can’t be appraised;
My heart is held in those small hands
So trustingly upraised.
A treasure God has given me –
So I must build with care,
For this is an eternal soul –
It’s precious, priceless…rare.
When kingdoms and great works of art
Have molded into dust;
When wealth and power dissipate
As all earth’s treasures must,
The little child that I have built
Must stand before God’s throne,
So let my child be firmly built…
On Christ, the Cornerstone.

3 Responses to “Precious, Priceless…Rare”

  1. Is that the Valerie I know? I like your new picture. Who took it?

  2. I don't know. Who is the Valerie you know? 🙂 Jacob Slaton Photography. The husband of one of the girls in my Moms n' More group is a photographer.

  3. OKay, I'm totally copying this and putting it on my blog. LOVE it. Can't wait to see you Tuesday!

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