The Joy of Couponing!


I’ve always thought clipping coupons was a waste of time. I’ve heard the stories about how people save tons of money using coupons and I never understood how they did it. Normally when I shop, I buy all generic because the brand name products typically cost double. Even with a coupon, the brand name product costs more. So why waste my time clipping coupons when I can just buy generic? Well, I’ve seen the error of my ways and my outlook on couponing has changed dramatically! Why? A fabulous website called Money Saving Mom. I kept hearing about it, checked it out and was quickly hooked! This lady is an avid coupon shopper and she has actually taken the time to teach and explain how coupons can save tons of money. She goes into great depth on her website, but I learned the secret to getting great deals with coupons is to buy when the items I want are on SALE. When I combine the sale price with a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon, I get BIG savings.

Walgreens is a perfect example. I’ve never shopped at Walgreens because I get ripped off when I shop there. Since my couponing revelation, however, Walgreens actually has fabulous deals. Last night, Nick wanted ice cream. It just so happens that Walgreens had Blue Bell Ice Cream on sale 2/$8. I got online and found a coupon for $1 off 1 half gallon and printed two. I ended up paying $6.28 for two half gallons! It would have cost that much for one half gallon at Kroger. Anyway, this may not seem like a fabulous deal to those who are more experienced with couponing, but it thrilled my little soul! So I guess I am now a coupon convert!

3 Responses to “The Joy of Couponing!”

  1. wow.. I may have to check into that. I don't ever shop at Wal-Greens either.

  2. So glad you're on board! Isn't she great?! Plus, Kroger doubles coupons up to 60 cents. So that's even more of a bonus.

  3. Tasha – I would strongly recommend Walgreens. It's a little time consuming but I think it's worth it to shop the sales with coupons.Micaiah – I'm so glad you kept mentioning her website on FB! After you posted about getting free shoes and Christmas cards I had to check it out. Thanks a bunch!

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