Kerr Family Update


Blogging just isn’t my thing. I love the idea of it and I love to read other people’s blogs but writing one of my own just isn’t appealling. The fact that no one reads my blog could be part of my lack of motivation. So for anyone who might be reading this, here is an update on what’s been going on with the Kerr family.

First, Baby #2 is on the way! He/she is due April 5th and I’m anxious to meet him or her. We find out the gender on November 11th and we’re excited!! I’ve felt the baby move a couple of times but nothing consistent yet. We weren’t expecting to be pregnant again quite this quickly, but God is in control and has promised not to give us more than we/I can handle. While part of me is apprehensive about life with two babies under two, part of me is amazed and in awe that we’re going to have another little one to cherish and enjoy. I feel blessed to be able to have children this easily when so many couples would give anything to start their own families.

Brianna is almost one year old and is a crawling maching! She loves moving around on her own and Momma is loving it too! Now for walking!! She likes to eat off my plate and any time she sees me with food, she wants a taste. We eat buckwheat pancakes together every morning. As soon as breakfast is ready she crawls over to me and reaches for a bite! She has six teeth total now. Two on the bottom and four on the top. We’re working on transitioning from bottle to sippy cup, although she is still seriously attached to her bottle. No major developments in the talking department yet. She says “momma” and “dada” but I’m not sure if she associates those names with us yet.

Fall is here and my fingers are itching to start knitting or crocheting a cozy throw. As soon as we find out the gender of the baby, I’m marching down to the yarn shop to pick out my yarn and a pattern. Bri has gotten super attached to the baby blanket I knitted for her, which thrilled me!! So I thought I’d do the same for Baby #2 so nobody gets left out.

4 Responses to “Kerr Family Update”

  1. Someone does follow your blog…me =)! Excited to hear the news Nov. 11th!!

  2. oh that is so sweet, neat to hear everything. Can't believe you're prego again!!! Well congrats and we are all very happy for ya 😛

  3. Hey. I am so glad everything is going well. I can't believe Bri is a year old already. Can't wait to hear what you are having. We will have to get together soon and catch up.

  4. Yes, people read your blog. You know I write even if no one reads because it's an easy way to get my journaling done for my srapbook : )

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