New Happenings with Brianna


Brianna is 7 1/2 months old and has cut two teeth since I last posted!! The first one popped out a few weeks ago and she just cut the second tooth two days ago. I now understand why babies have such a hard time when they are teething. Those little suckers are sharp!! I can’t imagine have those sharp little teeth pushing up through my gums. I think it would hurt me too. Anyway, the drool has been flowing like crazy at our house!

She is starting to try to talk now. She says “da da da da da” over and over. This morning she was babbling in her crib letting me know she was ready to eat and she kept saying “ba ba ba ba ba.” It was as if she was saying “baba” for bottle. She’s so sweet!

Little Miss Bri still has not learned how to roll over! She is almost there but not quite. She can sit up by herself if she’s in a semi-reclined position, though!! And she is starting to whine and cry when I leave the room for a minute. As soon as I get to where she can see me again, she gets a huge smile on her face and starts babbling.

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