Weekend in Dallas


This weekend was wonderful. I flew into Dallas on Friday night and got back to Little Rock late last night. I have missed Nick something awful. I’m so glad God made husbands because living by myself does absolutely nothing for me. It’s lonely and there is no one to talk to, laugh with, etc.

Anyway, we had a great time in Dallas. We discovered that studying at Barnes & Noble is quite a pleasant experience, especially since Starbucks is right there to provide brain food!! It stays pretty quiet and it’s a nice change from being at Nick’s company apartment.

I also took advantage of being in Texas by having my hair done at Visible Changes. I know, I know, way to worry about the important things in life! However, in my own defense, ever since we moved to Arkansas I have been unable to find decent hairdressers who are worth the prices they charge. So to me, a well-done cut and color are rare treats.

Nick did give me a lovely souvenier from this weekend … a purple, fat lip! We were wrestling and, as usual, someone got hurt. It just happened to be me this time. There is actually a bruise!! Fortunately, lipstick covers it 🙂 Poor Nick … he felt horrible and was apologizing profusely. We finally decided that we’re almost even since I’ve given him two bloody noses in our past WWF matches! He felt much better once we came to this conclusion. 🙂

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