Updates All Around!


First, let’s start with school. I received my first grade (100%) in my Psychology class today and I’m thrilled. We are plugging away into week three and still feeling fairly enthusiastic. Although I have to admit, I still hate math. It is the most frustrating, tedious subject in the universe with science following a close second. Thank goodness Nick is gifted in math ‘cuz he watches over my shoulder and points out my errors when I can’t figure it out!

Nick is going to be in Dallas for three weeks. YUCK. He leaves Sunday and I’m not excited about it at all. He isn’t either, fortunately! My sole consolation is that it’s only three weeks and he’ll never have to go again. That is the bright side.

It rained yesterday! After a month of blistering hot weather we finally got some relief. The all-knowing weather channel has predicted rain for the remainder of the week and I have to say, I’m rather glad. It’s cooling off a bit and the dark, stormy weather makes if feel more like fall. Fall…I’m stunned at how quickly this year has flown by. Crazy.

I believe those are all the updates I have at the moment.

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